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Free Trading Strategies, Tips and Education for Stock, Forex, Options and Binary Option Traders.

New in 2013:

What You Need To Know About Binary Options Outside The USA

Scanning Daily Charts for Pattern Setups
An older entry from my archive – A great class, still up to date: You’ll learn how to scan for stocks…What makes one stock look more interesting than another… What scanning tools do I use, etc.

Benefits Of Trading The EURUSD Currency Pair
The best currency pair that forex traders are recommended
to focus on is the EURUSD pair. There are several reasons for this…

Tape Reading Principles

MarketXFactor – The ULTIMATE Edge In Short-Term Trading
Not many
 people have had access to this incredibly powerful tool.
But it gives those who get access to using it a distinct advantage.

Stock Trading Made Easy – Continuation Patterns
Continuation patterns are easy to identify and have a solid success rate.

Introduction to direct access trading
Direct access trading has revolutionized online trading in the late 90’s.

Stop Loss Placement Strategies for Active Traders.
Avoid getting shaken out of good positions – radically different approaches to placing your stop orders.

The 7 Key Secrets To Successful Day Trading

The Truth about Making a Living with Automated Forex Trading Systems Part 1.

How to Develop a Profitable Trading System

Powerful Day Trading Strategies – Trading Midday Swings

Free Day Trading Strategy – 1-2-3 Breakouts and Breakdowns

Tape Reading Trading Strategies – Price Action Trading

How I Made $47,692.27 In A Single Day 

Real Time Order Execution Class

Cracking The Fibonacci Code – Fibonacci Retracements and Chart Patterns

Options Ratio Trading and Back Spreads

Options Education – The Greeks – Greek Strategies

The Subtle Trap of Trading

Day Trading, Swing Trading, And Options? – Strategy and Examples

Penny Stock Trading System Preview

Learn How To Day Trade Stocks Online – Extreme Day Trading
Free Live Day Trading Video shows you a Simple Price Action Stock Trading Strategy

Market Price Movements – Psychology and Price Patterns

Trading Stocks and Options as a Business

Inside Days Chart Pattern

Forex Trading For Beginners


10% Of Traders Go Bankrupt

Trading High Priced Stocks

Pivot Point Trading

Creating Your Watch List (Universe of stocks)

Claim and Defend Your Trader Status

Don’t spend too much time trading

How To Determine Exact Swing Points

How to Trade the News

Fear and Greed

What Are Pivot Points?

Trading Styles – An Overview

How To Trade Multiple Time Frames

What Time Frame Should You Trade?

The Importance of a Business Plan

Types of Orders

Bollinger Bands Revealed

Why Paper Trading Is Counter Productive

How to Turn $10,000 into 1.5 Million in As Little As 2 Years!

9 deadly trading mistakes!

How to nail the market when everyone else is wrong.

The mastery of self

The rules of day trading

The most valuable mentor – your trading journal.

The cycles of a trend

Trading Pattern Crash Course

Direct Access Trading

How much money should you be making?

Using the NYSE TICK and TRIN Indicators in your trading

Money management for active traders.

How I find and choose trades
My free, 5-part course describing exactly how I go about finding and choosing my trades.

Strategies for the long term
Investing and swing trading are alternatives to day trading.

Strategies for the short term
An overview of the day trader’s strategies: momentum trading, breakout and pullback trading, scalping and cutting the spread.

What makes prices move? 
An analysis of why prices change.

The connection between price and volume 
How the number of shares being traded affects the price of those shares is a key day trading concept.

The day trader’s day: preparation
How I prepare for a day’s trading. My routines and things I watch for.

The day trader’s day: what actually happens
What I do at each stage of the day, from the Opening to the Close.

The day trader’s day: scalping and working thru lunchtime
Some notes on how I would work if I was scalping most of the time, and why I no longer follow a well-known “must-do” day trading rule.

“Jens, that strategy is too simple! Right?”
You don’t have to master complex trading strategies to make a successful living in day trading. I explain why.

A key mental attitude of the successful day trader
You’ve got to have this if you’re to make money day trading.

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