Nov 152014

100 Percent Profit Bot Wipes out multiple Accounts!

I already mentioned in my 100 percent profit bot review that this binary options trading robot actually looks very promising and offers good profit potential but it also requires traders to open multiple accounts which increases the amount of money that could be lost.

Let’s look at how 100 percent profit bot is supposed to work.


So you’re wondering what’s inside and how it works.

100 Percent Profit Bot

Let’s log into my 100 percent profit bot account so you can look over my shoulder and see how it works okay.

Logging in, let’s take a look at how it works and how easy it is to trade with it.

First of all, as you can see the system is fully automated and web-based.

There’s no need to keep your computer on all the time like with other systems.

Just click the Activate button and let it trade.

The easy get started section is explaining to you step by step exactly what you need to do to get started fast.

Step one is to choose your brokers. You can fund up to 8 brokers and the minimum is four to activate the software.

Multiple Accounts: 100 percent profit bot is capable to trade up to 8 accounts simultaneously and Wipe them out if things go wrong!

Remember you can simply split your deposit into four brokers so the robot stays under the radar and your profit is never too big with one particular broker.

The developers consider this the key to success of this system.

Once your profit reaches nine thousand US Dollars you MUST withdraw it or the robot will stop trading.

Remember, always withdraw nine thousand dollars of profit when you reach that amount.

Once you fund your four brokers simply click the Activate button in the robot section and it’ll start doing its magic.

You can scroll down to see your brokers balances and your recent trades in real time.

But the best part is you don’t even need to sit near the computer to use 100 percent profit bot.



Don’t trade binary options with money you can’t afford to lose!

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